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Loren Charles Brown - Voice4uNme

Let me be your VOICE 4 U n ME as I believe we need to come together before we sink like the Titanic--but worse, if we don't start working with one another--instead of cutting off at the knees.

''" think of others-FIRST and self last." "Did you go out and do something good for others today--even if a stranger on the bus." "What have you done to make a "difference" today in your personal and professional life?"''

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Candidate for Portland, OR Mayor 2012, former educator in Chicago, New York and Dallas, TX school districts, former union actor ( AEA, AFTRA), screenwriter and book author -ON RISE, homeless, survivor of LIFE 101, and a single dad who is also a Real Estate broker in Oregon.
Email address: voice4unme live.com

I am fifty-years-old and a single dad who has survived being homeless for six years, to running for Mayor of Portland, OR in 2012, and focused on NO MORE HOMELESSNESS, jobs in the USA, not abroad and community coming together for major change,
I am a former educator in various school districts across the USA, former actor (AEA, and AFTRA), to fire fighting, real estate broker since 2007 in Oregon and screen writer and book author on rise for CHANGE...to 20+ years of customer service-which is the key to all success and helping a company grow with 90% challenges, and 10% of nice gifts from them.
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