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Omada Idachaba - From Stress to success; 7 Steps to stop your stress, gain control and move on to success in life and health.

Stop the Stress before it Stops You.

''Stop the Stress Before it Stops you!''

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I share the unique types of stress, even those that many will not consider stress or that we have become comfortable with, show you how to address your stress and fortify yourself against the harmful effects of stress. I then share how I overcame my own stress through changing my thinking, how I overcame a harmful health side effect of stress (cancer) and how I have changed my life for the better.
Email address: omada1 aol.com

As a medical doctor with over 20 years of experience, I have encountered people with every form of stress you can think of. I have come to see and understand the harmful effects of stress on health. I myself have been a victim of heightened stress that almost stopped me 'dead' in my tracks. But I overcame and now I want to show others how to stop whatever their particular stress is, gain control of it and move on to success in life and health.
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dromada lessstress-moresuccess.com
URL: www.lessstress-moresuccess.com
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