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Dolores - Got Pulse? 5 steps from being alive to living your life


''I am currently working with Dolores to help me with the transitions that are happening both in my personal and work life. She really connects with people, and understands intuitively what they need. She has opened up a whole new world for me, one that has''

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Do you find yourself stuck in your work, your health your relationships? Feeling that there is no joy in your life? As a coach, serial entrepreneur, mother of four and pancreatic tumor survivor, I will show you how to reconnect with your purpose, and be able to bring joy and meaning to your life by following some simple rules of creative artists.
Email address: dh doloreshirschmann.com

Dolores is a CTI trained Coach with a business degree from the Universidad San Andres, Argentina. As an entrepreneur, Dolores started businesses in industries such as retail, education and technology and has worked with start-up teams as a consultant/coach for strong implementation. She is a TEDx organizer and participant at TED conferences. A pancreatic tumor survivor, Dolores is known for her creativity and eagerness to live a full life. She is originally from Argentina, speaks Spanish, English and French and lives with her husband and four children in MA.
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dh doloreshirschmann.com
URL: www.doloreshirschmann.com
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