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Are you a speaker looking to get booked?

SpeakerDemo.com is the ONE site you need!

I'm Judy Carter, author of "The Comedy Bible," and founder of Comedy Workshops. I get calls constantly from casting directors, booking agents and producers looking to hire comedy talent for TV shows, corporate meetings, retreats and TV roles.
There's just one problem: They need the talent NOW. They don't have time to use the traditional routes or to spend weeks prowling comedy clubs.
SpeakerDemo.com is the one-stop shop for comedy talent!

"I cast standup speakers as the hosts of my shows
and I'm currently using speakerdemo.com
to find new fresh comedy talent."

Gina Rubinstein,
executive producer "Clean House."

The most valuable commodity for ANY speaker is exposure, and you'll get that like nowhere else. With SpeakerDemo.com:
  • Let casting directors audition you anytime, without having to send them a tape.
  • You are performing 24/7.
  • The service is FREE for talent hunters, so the people who need to see you will get to you!
  • Drive traffic to your own site via links.
  • Increase your Web profile and search engine hits.

"When I'm looking for smart funny people with a strong
point of view, my first call is to Judy Carter."

Tina Weiss,
casting director

But Judy, you say, I already have my own site with video! Why do I need SpeakerDemo.com? Ponder these questions and you'll have your answer:
How many hits did you get last month?
How many of those hits were from people who wanted to HIRE you?
Since SpeakerDemo.com is marketed directly to industry professionals, you'll get quality and quantity. Instead of wasting bandwidth on people trolling for free chuckles, you'll have the power players with jobs to fill watching your material.
Here's how it works:
  • Once you sign up you will get a simple form to fill out over the internet
  • You will be able to update your info at any time.
  • We will be marketing the site directly to Industry professionals by PR releases, ads in the Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and the Breakdown Services.
Finally, there is an affordable way to get yourself in front of the people who need to see you most!
Don't have a Web-ready video? Don't have a bio? That is NOT a problem!
  • We can write your bio for you. With a short 10-minute phone interview, we will write a compelling bio for you to have on the site as well as put in your PR package.
  • We will take whatever video you have and encode it for the site. Our professional editing team can also edit it.
"But Judy, I'm not sure I'm good enough. I'm just starting out in standup."

I hate to say this, it isn't fair at all, but "talent" isn't always what TV producers are looking for. Very often they are looking to cast a "certain look." If you wait until you think you are good enough, you might be "waiting" yourself right out of a career.

"I don't like my video now, I hate to put it up on the website. I might wait until I get a better clip."

The beauty of this site is that YOU can change the video without having any programming skills whatsoever. If you have a computer and can operate a mouse, you will be able to update your info 24/7.

You've got your act together. It's time to get it exposure, and get you JOBS!

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